Dean Saraf considers himself as a technologist, researcher, and digital designer. He is passionate about anything UI/UX and 3D digital. He loves working of using his understanding to enhance the interaction between human and computer/machine.

He believes one of his strengths is his multidisciplinary background where he posses extensive and(or) in-depth knowledge in various disciplines including design, computer science, multimedia and engineering throughout his formal education from diploma to PhD. He hopes that could assist him to embrace the IR4.0 where the next big thing in human-computer interaction is 3D cyber-physical systems.

He sporadically complains that his personal webpage does not truly reflect his capabilities as it was developed in 2013 and yet he got no time to revamp it due to his busy schedule of saving the world.

Making stuff and learning new things are always his passions. Feel free to connect with him on the most widely used social media and professional networking platforms - you know that.  Any projects for him? Bring it on.

Proton Reventador Regera : Designed by Dean Saraf; Inspired by Mclaren Mp4-12c & Lotus Evora

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