About him professionally...

Dean is a postgraduate researcher working in Game Engineering Group with Dr Graham Morgan, Dr Gary Ushaw and Dr William Blewitt. Dean possessed a multidisciplinary background, but with a persistent concentration on designing technologies. His interests centred on the use of technology in improving human's life. At the moment, he is studying human-computer interaction in serious games for rehabilitation where post-stroke activities take place by using therapeutic movements adapted from exergames to help patients rehabilitate.

About him personally... 

Well, apart from love to work which is the main priority in his life after his family, nothing much to talk about him, just an ordinary lad trying to do something extraordinary. If you care, just to be fair, here is an extra personal thing about him:

  • He is an F1 fan and anything related to it

  • Car lovers - only sport and supercars

  • Football is one of his favourite sports

  • Love to travel as a learner, not as a tourist

  • A good singer to entertain Pantherinae, but not to the human

That's all about him, please move on...

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