Some people say that he is a thinker, but he believes that everyone is a thinker, it's rather they think small or huge. For him, a certificate is just a benchmark on a paper if it is not combined with a knowledge and wisdom of a real life experience. He understands that the true purpose of education is to develop, transform and enrich the human's life. Therefore, grades without deep understanding and the use of knowledge in a good way are just arbitrary letters on a page. The grade is not an indicator of achievement, the genuine achievement is an endeavour of making altruistic changes in the real world by applying the knowledge learned. Intelligent people won't disparage others, but they embolden humanity and develop civilisation, that is the real purpose of being educated and intellect. Dean believes life never stops teaching, thus he must keep on learning. He is certain that with decent disciplines and proper education will lead people to a better future.

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