Newcastle University

School of Computing Science

PhD Computing Science

April 2014 - Present

FULL CONCENTRATION || Dean with Jan Smeddinck worked collaboratively for the project of low-cost eye tracking (LOCO) at Open Lab (previously known as Culture Lab, Newcastle University). Jan who visited from TZI Center for Computing and Communication Technologies, University of Bremen is also a doctoral candidate. In this project, Dean assisted the development of a physical frame of the low-cost eye tracking device by using 3D model development and 3D (FDM) printing. The image above shows Dean wore the first LOCO prototype. More about this project can be found here.

Dean now conducts his research with Game Engineering Group at Game Lab, Newcastle University. Continuing on his previous experience in 3D modelling, human-computer interaction, interaction design, serious games and user interface, he is currently focusing on the serious game for rehabilitation where he is trying to develop a new serious game design model that base on external motivation and flow concepts (a positive psychology model) to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation games design. In relation, he tries to identify the overriding element between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation in the creation of successful rehabilitation games that could prolong therapeutic gaming activities for post-stroke patients.


You can find more about his PhD research here. 

Alongside working on his PhD, he also demonstrates and marks for two undergraduate subjects at School of Computing Science, Newcastle University. These subjects are CSC1023: The Software Engineering Professional (semester one and two) and CSC1026: Website Design and Construction (semester two).

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