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Advertising is pivotal in persuading an audience to ignite reaction or to continue some action to become a potential buyer, commonly with respect to a commercial offering. Therefore, an attractive commercial video plays a crucial part to engage with the potential client. 3D animations in another part could be used as an added tool, especially in delivering a high end idiosyncratic commercial video which usually incapable to be produced in a conventional (production) way. This project consists of five 3D commercial videos produced by Dean as part of his MSc dissertation. This Dissertation Project devoted to the creation of TV commercials for brand new supercars specifically developed by Lotus, a subsidiary company of Proton Holdings Berhad - A car manufacturer from Malaysia. These five videos helped to answer the main question behind this dissertation work - what are the elements in the 3D advertisement that imperative in creating engaging and influencing supercar commercial. These five videos are:


Proton Panthera
Proton Reventador
Proton Reventador Regera
Proton Pantherinae Superveloce
Proton Pantherinae Superveloce SE

In his study that based on quantitative and qualitative analysis, he found that car advertisements require agile and fast-paced graphics. Viewers preferred elements of surprises and eye-catching animation that shows peculiar shapes of the supercars. Compelling headlines and captions that appropriately suited in viewers’ vision (around fixation and near peripheral views) are the biggest advantages to capture viewers’ attention.

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