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Reventador name originally came from one super volcano which is Reventador mount. Reventador mount is an active stratovolcano which lies in the eastern Andes of Ecuador. It lies in a remote area of the national park of the same name. This name was taken to truly describe the power of this car once its engine started,  frightening and full of force which is the same as the Reventador mount once it's exploded.


Reventador is one of the most exclusive production car programs ever developed by Proton. This series of cars; Reventador comes with a variety of colour for a different type of series.  The colour and design of its interior are aligned with the colour of its exterior. Influenced by nature, Reventador was the first supercar in Proton's family devised to take steps toward green technology with the capability to run on biofuel.

The Reventador's Dark Blueprint

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