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This serious game which was also known as a medical game named as CBTG specifically developed for colorblind people who are in a process of rehabilitation. It is an adventurous and strategy game specifically for the persons who suffer the colour blind illness. The game should be played after the patient has already gone through the treatment procedure by injecting the colour blind cure serum into their eyes. This process requires a serum injection into the patient’s eyes for a curing purpose in the initial stage of the recovery process,  before going through a period of convalescence with a  specific therapy. The main purpose of this game is to help the patient/player going through the therapy process in an enjoyable way.


This game has been developed with a combination of these Softwares:
•    Unity 3D for game development.
•    JavaScript for game scripting.
•    3Ds Max for modelling, scene and game mapping.
•    Solidworks for some of the 3D modelling.
•    Adobe Photoshop for graphics design and development.

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