3D Scene & Mocap [Motion Capture]

Work description : Mocap l 3D modelling l 3D animation l Rigging l 3D Rendering

Motion Capture is often abbreviated as Mo-cap is the process of recording the movement of objects or people. The Mo-cap or motion capture also may refer to Motion Tracking.

There were two parts of this project. The first was the 3D scene and the second part was a mo-cap which was required to be implemented in the first part of this project.


For the first project, the modelling of the 3D objects was developed in Solidworks and 3Ds Max while the animation and rendering were produced in 3Ds Max only. Some effects were created in Adobe After Effects and finally composed in Adobe Premiere Pro.

For the second task, the  Vicon Bonita camera system has been used to record the movement of an actor.  These recorded movements have been cleaned by using the Vicon Blade software to remove unnecessary and damaged data.  Later, this data has been imported into  Autodesk Motion  Builder to make an amalgamation of these recorded movements with the  3D character.  The 3D characters have gone through the rigging process before the animation files from Vicon Blade been applied. These animations data were mapped into a 3D  model so that the model performs the same actions as the actor.  Later,  these 3D characters with a specific movement have been imported into  3Ds  Max and been incorporated with the existed  3D scenes.  These 3D scenes have been rendered with the  3D characters before it was finally being edited in the  Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro, a video effect and editing software to produce a short video animation with a combination of sounds effects and songs.

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