Embedded System

Eye Tracking Devices





At Digital Interaction@Culture Lab, (currently known as Open Lab), Dean has worked together with his research peers and developed eye-tracking devices. These devices have been developed mainly for research purposes. There were eight versions devised by Dean for various research purposes. Each consist of two cameras with embedded systems. One camera record the user's view and the other one record the user's pupil.

The data recorded were combined and analysed mostly based on bee swarm technique. These eye-tracking devices helped Dean and his research team to collect numerous vital data of pupil movements while the user performing various tasks. It helps Dean to understand the eye movement while the user interacts with on-screen/digital and physical world.

On a later stage of his PhD study in the Game Lab Newcastle, Dean uses this eye-tracking device to investigate the patient-player performance while playing rehabilitation games. The more patients play the rehabilitation games, they would develop strong eye-movement characteristic as they gain more confidence in their interaction with the game.

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